Secondary Screaming
Luci Lovett hardtied 2018-01-24 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Airport security is just the worst. For Luci Lovett it's going to be a nightmare. OT says he's found some bomb fragments in her bags. She's going to prison unless she can come up with a way to make it worth OT's while.

She's apprehensive, but she complies as he has Luci strip for him. The threat of prison time looming over her is all the incentive she needs to let him put his hands on her. OT's going to get everything he wants. With a nice body like Luci has he's going to have a lot of fun.

Once she's tied up OT drops the convincing act and goes full on creep doing to Luci whatever he wants. He even makes her search her own cunt for more contraband. He finds more evidence and he uses it. Luci has no chance of escape.
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