Kardiac Bonds
Kay Kardia OT hardtied 2015-02-04 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Kay Kardia looks like she could use some fun. Something about her just screams, “tie me up, fuck me up, and make me cum.” We've never let an invitation like that go unanswered, and damned if we're going to start now. We'll even take it a step further and really blow her mind.

Orgasms are always better after a little bit of pain. Pretty much every girl agrees on that. But we've got something that so few even try. We hang this hot piece of ass upside down like she is a piece of meat and start going to town on her pierced clit with a strong little vibrator.

She finishes fast, but we don't. A few orgasms are never the end when it comes to this kind of party. We want to see her scream and cream a few more times so there is going to be a hell of whipping in her future. Her pussy is literally glistening it is so wet. And like we said. We don't let any invitation go unanswered.
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