Kiki Keep Me!
Kiki Cali infernalrestraints 2019-02-08 19.99 credits Buy Movie
Kiki is wrapped in leather. An armbinder behind her back keeps her from doing much more than flopping about. A ball gag keeps her jaw wide and a strap keeps her legs together. Her predicament isn’t complete. He adds a strap between her arms and ankles.

She’s a flexible girl. Her knees fold back and her wrists wrap around behind her. A difficult position itself. Suspended by her ankles is much worse or much better depending on perspective. Kiki seems to like it. As soon as the vibrates touches her she squirts buckets through her panties.

Pain and butt stuff is what she asked for. The cane will cover the pain part. The welts show up instantly on her sexy little ass. Then comes a huge string of anal beads. She moans as one by one the balls are pushed between her cheeks.
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