Nasty Ladies
Nyssa Nevers Nadia White hardtied 2017-10-25 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Nyssa Nevers and Nadia White are such nasty little ladies. Each with giant tits and wet aching cunts. They are just Matt's type. Nadia's tits are so huge they make the perfect target for the single tail. She moans as Matt makes stripes across her body. Then he attaches a crotch rope from Nadia's pussy to Nyssa's feet. Every little movement Nyssa makes Nadia feels between her legs.

It's time for Nadia's torment. Matt doesn't take it easy on her at all. With her tits tied so tightly they almost pop Matt puts nipple clamps on and canes her and vibrates her.

Both girls are tied to sybians and Matt is going to make them cum... too much. The breath play is going to help. Struggling to breathe while being made to cum produces the best orgasms. Nyssa and Nadia can't help screaming while cumming like crazy.
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