Anonymous In Black
Abigail Dupree sensualpain 2020-09-27 9.99 credits Buy Movie
Anonymous In Black - This could be anyone, your neighbor, your teacher, your senator, your sister. You just do not know.

This slave is just a sexual object, black out with no identity. A fascinating scene unfolds as this female sex slave is placed in diabolical restraints with all three holes available for the taking distinguish by the only pink holes peaking through black are the mouth and another larger hole for the ass. Master James has her restrained in a dungeon device designed to put her on her knees, ass up and plugged, at an easy height for fucking her sex slave trained pussy.

When her Master hurts her from impacting red circles of pain a few times on that ripe round ass. This excites her as you can tell from the white creamy cum seeping from her moist cunt ready for the fucking. Sobbing from the pain Master then stretches her outer labia wide like you have never seen with spring loaded clamps that gives a great view of that pink pussy hole. While still spread, he then fills her creamy cum soaked pussy, pumping her with BWC from behind as she moans and cums. Pain, pleasure and pussy is what this session is all about.

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