Extreme Voxxxing Part 3
Victoria Voxxx realtimebondage 2019-03-02 18.99 credits Buy Movie
Victoria has been through a lot already, but it's not over yet. Before we start our next scene Alice gets chance to admire Victoria's glorious ass. Her teeth, tongue, and lips are all over it. Then it's time for a fan favorite. Zipties are wrapped around her wrists and ankles. Then her wrists and ankles are attached together. A ziptie hogtie is not easy. It instantly feels very uncomfortable and it only gets worse.

With her ass out Victoria is very exposed. The perfect opportunity for a good stiff caning. Even Alice helps with Victoria's punishment. Victoria's ass has beautiful bright red stripes. Then it's time for a good orgasm. Victoria has performed spectacularly. She deserves it.
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