Cunt Puppy Part 2
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So here is the trick. Pretty much every part of Ashley Lane is hooked up to something. Elise Graves is holding ropes wrapped around her nipple clamps. Her arms are lashed behind her with leather straps. Her knees and ankles are spread apart by wooden spreader bars. But the one thing that Ashley is most worried about isn't even touching her.

The bar that she is straddling is made of pure, polished copper. It's so clean it's glistening in the light. And by itself this little pole probably wouldn't be much cause for concern. The problem is, Ashley knows it's electrified. Even if we hadn't told her, there is so much current running through this little piece of metal that you can hear in throughout the room. No one else wants to get close to it, for fear of getting shocked, but Ashley is made to shimmy up and down this pole with her ass cheeks and pussy lips just fractions of an inch away from being shocked. She can't even put her feet all the way down. The bar is high enough to keep her on her toes.

With all that strain going through her legs we could have just left her in the predicament, but that would be too kind. We believe the best bondage is brutal bondage and the best torments are the kinds that push a girl right to the edge. In this case we decide that the easiest way to see what Ashley is made of is to cane her calves, right across the thickest part of the muscle, to see how long she can stand on point before he legs give out and her snatch gets zapped. We'd say a little electrical play never hurt anyone, but then again, it's not our cunts on the line.
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