Telemarketing Torment
Everyone has wished, at some point, that they knew where the hell those annoying telemarketing calls came from so that they could go down there and teach those pains in the ass a lesson. They call at the worst times, hocking useless shit, or even worse, they are outright scams. And Aria Alexander is part of the problem. Ringing up random men, telling them they aren't good enough, trying to sell them a miracle fix for just 3 easy payments of way-too-much? She deserves whatever happens to her. And O.T. is going to make sure she gets it.

O.T. has his own business to run. He turns obnoxious telemarketing sluts into useful, productive cock sleeves for his stable. It isn't long before Aria is promising never to make another robo-call again, but O.T. already knows that she's going to be back to work before long. He's keeping her around and she needs to make him some money. Instead of pitching some self-help bullshit, though, she is going to be selling the only thing of value she's got, her body.
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