Dolcett Chronicles Scorched or Perish
Abigail Dupree sensualpain 2018-04-04 29.99 credits Buy Movie
Another chapter in the Dolcett Chronicles takes us into the dungeon where Abigail quite literally finds herself in a predicament of her own doing. She has gathered a list of items that the head of the household has ordered her to collect and have ready for when he gives her his weekly call. Two 23 gauge needles, twine, lead weights, two candle sticks, a thick rope tied into a hangman's knot and a stationary dildo. Abigail then follows his direction starting with piercing her own two nipples from one side of her areola straight through to the other side. Next she is told to tie the twine behind the needles and lead it through a loop on the gallows and tie off the weights to each strings end. On all fours the rope is slung and fastened to the top of the gallows and dangles down where she slips it around her neck as she back her ass up onto the cock and slips it into her tight ass hole. She then lights the candles and carefully slides one under each of her breasts and the dance begins as the flames lick her oiled skin making her jump and tug and fuck herself in all sorts of multitasking confusion.
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