Foot Pain
Catherine de Sade knows what she likes. Tight bondage, intense pain and public humiliation are all buttons that she loves having pushed. The entire RealTimeBondage team is there and ready to fulfill her dirtiest, most masochistic fantasies; fantasies that they twist to their own ends. She wants to get fucked, so they do it with a spiky surrogate. She wants to make everyone happy and that means suffering endlessly. They can hardly decide what to do first and they subject her to a few rounds of bondage roulette.

She will be whipped, caned, slapped around and fucked up. Every inch of her body is part of a canvas, and as the members contribute their sadistic ideas the marks form an intricate pattern all across it. The pain brings tears to her eyes but what really pushes her to the edge is asking for more. She hates foot torment so much, but if she wants to please the members she will need to beg for it. Knowing it is coming makes her cry before the punishment even begins. That kind of mental anguish is so hot.
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