[Archive] Pierced
Anna Rose Rain DeGrey topgrl 2015-01-26 9.99 credits Buy Movie
Anna Rose is not a newbie. She isn't some wide-eyed MILF off the streets looking for the 50 Shades of Grey experience. She knows exactly what she likes, and it's a lot of kinky, girl-on-girl sex. Rope bondage, strap-ons, candles, and corporal punishments all turn her on.

Rain DeGrey is not some rookie either. She's a professional when it comes to making hot women scream and cream. She has Anna figured out from the second she lays eyes on her. Anna has a whole collection of kinky, sexual fetishes that she needs help fulfilling. The nipple piercings she has send the clear message that she likes having her tits played with. The one on her clit says that she wants to be fucked. Pain and suffering are the perfect foreplay. When the time comes Rain just ties her down, bends her over, and she is so wet that the huge strap-on slides right in. Rain fucks Anna so hard that if she weren't tied into position she would collapse from sexual exhaustion.
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