Birthday Slut Part 1
Lexi Foxy realtimebondage 2018-11-17 18.99 credits Buy Movie
It's Lexi's birthday feed. She's here to celebrate and it's going to be intense. She starts off in a double stocks with Luci Lovett. The device is so heavy it's crushing the poor girls. Lexi explains that she's had a traumatic experience and she's looking to have a catharsis to make up for it.

What would a birthday be without a good spanking. Lexi tries to squirm away, but OT holds her tight over his knee. The bruises left by the spanking are only the beginning of her ordeal. It's going to be a good birthday.

Lexi doesn't know what waterboarding means, but she's requested it. Who does that? When the dress goes over Lexi's face she begins to get really scared. This wasn't what she expected and it's making her nervous.
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