Oh! My Goodness Part 2
Siouxsie Q realtimebondage 2014-07-05 18.99 credits Buy Movie
The way a scene builds up starts at the very beginning. Siouxsie Q has her arms in a box tie and her mouth stuffed full of rags. OT wraps tape around her face to keep the gag in place and that's it, she knows. The only reason someone would bother gagging her so well is if they were planning on really making her scream. With pussy clamps lined with copper it becomes very apparent how we're planning on getting her to vocalize her discomfort.

Surprisingly it isn't the shocks running through her that bring tears to Siouxsie's eyes. We do these live feeds for a reason and you never know what it's going to take to get the slut to break. For her it isn't some current running through her pussy, but the feeling of a flogger coming down on it with full strength. We're brutal with our tools, there is no doubt about that, and even when tears start to run down her face we don't let up.

She accepts getting pumped a lot more easily. She is afraid of it, but at least it doesn't hurt. At least not at first. What she doesn't realize, until it's too late, as that having her pussy and nipples pumped will make those areas so much more sensitive. The lightest touch across her clit is enough to drive her wild. When Elise latches a clothes pin onto it and starts vibrating it with the celebrator the ecstasy is almost agonizing. She should have known something terrible was coming when we put the ball gag in her mouth but compared to the rags it just didn't seem as threatening. Now she knows better.
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