Self Spanking Love Sub
Abigail Dupree 2020-09-16 6.99 credits Buy Movie
Just a Spanko
You know slave abigail as the anal slave of your dreams, but she is much more than that. Exercise your imaginative faculties when you Master her in private. What a happy slave when she is being told what to do for you. Good girls spank and gag just as they are told.

The art of the sex slave, your private solo chattel is virtually anything goes!
Mastering the sex slave can only be limited by your imagination.
The GFE is everything you need without hassles or complications.
When your done with her, you just hit the off button with no added responsibilities.

This Private slave will ease your masturbation addiction relapse-Fantasy.
She will help you focus on the important things in life.
Edging with her feels good and will help you forget all your problems.
You do not need your dumb friends or problem family members when you Worship porn.
All your problems disappear when you goon
Porn is your thing now, all you need is a good Goonette.
Only real people are openly perverted.
Ignore the world and please yourself!

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