Hour Long Filly Ride
Abigail Dupree sensualpain 2017-05-24 29.99 credits Buy Movie
Abigail has some pretty twisted fantasies and doesn't mind elaborating on them one bit. This hour long video is full of her explaining the furthest reaches of her barn yard dreams as she brings them as close to life as she possibly can. Using one of her favorite Bad Dragon toys, "Chance", she teases and toys with the ideas she is divulging in until she is wet and eager and lost in a moment of desire. Her spread open pussy welcomes all 10 inches of this girthy appendage as she gets naughtier and deeper into her detailed desires...moaning and fucking and lusting like a wanton nymph. After a long fucking she takes the large head into her mouth and then she needs to feel it fill her ass...I lost track of which order she danced in her next moves through all of her holes repeatedly. You can hear just how hot this is making her and I'm not talking about the words shes using... Whew!!! Definitely a favorite, this duo.
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