Bad Audition
Sasha Heart infernalrestraints 2018-06-01 29.99 credits Buy Movie
We've seen it time and time again in the media these days. The pretty girl shows up for her audition with the gross old producer⁄director. She's supposed to flirt or she's not going to get the part. The more she resists the more insistent he gets. He suggests they "rehearse" the kissing scene. His breath is disgusting.

Sasha just wanted to break into the industry. The producer was willing to get her a part in his movie, but she's not playing along with his little games. So he's got to get a little more aggressive. Once she's more relaxed and easier to control he makes his move.

As she sits locked in the shelf in the middle of the woods her predicament begins to set in. She has no choice, but to submit to his every whim. When he wants to penetrate her ass she complies. When he wants her to spin for him so he can whip every inch of her body she complies. When he wants her to cum all over the tree she has no choice but to comply.
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