Bottomless Mimosa Part 1
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Mimosa is a silly, silly girl. For her live feed, as for all our live feeds, we start out by asking Mimosa some questions about her past, her interests, her preferences and so on in order to get to know her a little better. She lets us know that she thinks face slapping is sexy and she prefers blunt pain to sharp, but she also foolishly lets slip that she isn't really afraid of any of our handlers and that she has yet to see the extent of what they can do. She's right about how little she has seen of what our handlers can do, and she's about to find out just how wrong she was not to be afraid of them.

First they bend Mimosa over, her neck and wrists shackled to a metal frame and her ass sticking out for all to see. Matt Williams is up first, using both hands to spank a beat on her ass as she wriggles from the discomfort. Then O.T. and London River take his place and together they use their fists to beat Mimosa's ass as evenly as they can, one cheek to each handler. Then the flogger comes out. With each increase in pain Mimosa's face contorts and she starts wiggling a little bit more, so clearly it's time for her to change positions.

Our handlers lower the metal frame and put Mimosa down on her knees in front of it. Now it is time for one of her favorite punishments. Each of them goes up, one by one, and takes turns slapping her face as hard as they possibly can. Each time, she lets out a little yelp of pain and what sounds like surprise, but these people have been insulted and told they aren't scary enough, so they have no mercy for her. They keep going until Mimosa is crying so hard that there are black streaks of eyeliner and mascara running off her face onto her stomach, and only then do they decide it is time for a break before her next torment.
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