Suffer in Rhythm
You can't put a price on loving what you do. All the same; the more that you love what you do the deeper your put your soul into it. Charlotte Sartre loves what she does. She puts everything into what she does and it hurts. The sounds she makes are music to our ears.

The tears streaming down Charlotte's face demonstrate her willingness... her eagerness to please. She suffers for our pleasure and she suffers beautifully. When her ass is impales on the giant metal dildo she takes it all. The electricity makes her cry out in pain, but she endures.

When one suffers so sweetly the rewards are that much sweeter. The drill penetrates her ass and sends her over the edge of orgasm more times than she can count. Clamped to the ground she can't hold back the squirt as we take the orgasms from her tiny body.
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