Rubber Rebreather Obscure
Abigail Dupree sensualpain 2019-02-13 14.99 credits Buy Movie
Steel is always ice cold when i am first placed into a metal device. Master likes to strap me down in metal, forged for my demise. Fear keeps me alert, though I completely trust my Master, what I endure as a slave can potentially be very dangerous. But I am here for Master as all the slaves under his direction are for fear of being replaced with a slave that is more capable of enduring His sadism. Different types of pain are a constant challenge, I struggle to displace one pain with another.
Neck, wrist and ankle cuffs are tight on the tendons and I’m always surprised that they don’t snap under the pressure. He is a forgiving Master that knows that tight restraints are but a means to the end goal of his twisted plan to break me perfectly to His will, no matter the strategy.
I feel like a good amount of time has been lent to this session and that it may be one one of my less challenging times under extreme bondage...that is until Master presents the game changer with the Black Latex Rubber Gummi Rebreather Hood. This completely changes everything and I feel the fear rising to the point that I may mumble my safeword at any minute.

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