BDSM Till Dusk
Abigail Dupree sensualpain 2018-09-12 14.99 credits Buy Movie
Another inclusive Outdoors BDSM Session
You won't see BDSM like this anywhere else I assure you. Master James has some pretty sadistic tastes and it's great. The sessions are quite creative and take place in different settings like a play room or outside. There were a lot of tools used that has never been seen before As Master James makes everything by hand.
It's arousing to watch Abigail go from mild discomfort to fully fledged pain and doing a great job at satisfying her master's pleasures at the same time. Abigail is a dutiful slave, always reciting her slave creed after each session. The scenes also contain dialogue between submissive and dominant as they remove her from bondage that lends to the authenticity to this Master⁄slave dynamic.

The over 250 movies can be streamed and downloaded in multiple formats with Full HD as the highest option. You can grab them in MP4 files. The quality is really amazing, it's like you're really there and you can see every pore and every string of spit. This is already unique content and the fact that it's available in such amazing quality is awesome. Feel free to "heart" a video if you like it.

Authentic Master And Slave Relationship
It's clear from the scenes that Master James and Abigail have a well rounded Master and slave relationship. slave abigail is a good slave who always listens to her Master's wishes and she truly does exist to serve and serve well. She always refers to him as Master. it is apparent that they have a good dynamic which adds to the uniqueness of the scenes. Abigail also has her labia pierced multiple times with large silver rings, I learned that this signifies that she is pretty far advanced in the BDSM world, so you're not seeing an amateur slave here but one who is already quite experienced. She enjoys the pleasure she gives and receives from her Dominant. After the sessions, she's often in her "subspace" and it's not always easy for her to express how the experience was but she does a really good job of it regardless.

A unique BDSM site well worth a membership.
Sensual Pain is the perfect title for this site and receives my full recommendation. I cannot emphasize enough how unique and creative the BDSM scenes are. Not only are you getting a real-life Master⁄slave dynamic but the sessions are filmed in awesome settings and can be enjoyed in high quality. The site is versatile and covers a lot of different fetishes. Master James and Abigail give a new meaning to the term "pain for pleasure".

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