My Meat
Maya Kendrick infernalrestraints 2019-11-15 19.99 credits Buy Movie
When you get a piece of meat what's the first thing you do with it? Bag it, of course. A heavy leather bag over Maya's head does the trick. She's stuck in total darkness, her breathing is labored. She's caught!

Once you bag it you gotta tag it. Each hole is tagged. First her cunt hole, the nice big one being held open by a dental gag. Hole number two is between her legs. Then the first hole, the one between her sexy little buttcheeks.

My meat needs to be tenderized. I make it stand in an extremely painful position while it cries. When it's had enough it begins to beg to be hurt so that it can get it's mind off the awful position.
awful position     breathing     caught!once     course     cunt hole     dental gag     first hole     first things     head     heavy leather bag     hole     hole number     legs     maya     meat     mind     painful position     piece of meat     sexy little buttcheeks     total darkness     
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