Bind-her Clips
Harley Ace infernalrestraints 2015-10-09 19.99 credits Buy Movie
Harley Ace is a crier. OT LOVES criers. They struggle a bit early on, which is always sexy, but eventually they break, and then they become so obedient. Caning Harley's feet has tears pouring down her face in a matter of seconds. Using a rubber hose to beat on her chest gives her an excuse to begin sobbing.

The whips and chains are staples to making any girl burst into tears, but OT has something smaller and much more painful in mind. The little clips are sold at any office supply store, but the best doms in the world know how to turn anything into an implement of torture. They bite down hard on Harley's soft flesh, on her tits, her face, and they don't let go. OT even knows something Harley doesn't. If you leave the clips on long enough and tight enough eventually she will go numb in those spots. Then as soon as you remove them the sensations come flooding back in an entirely new wave of agony.
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