White Trash Part 1
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Alice and Jacey are tied together. Every time they move they tug on their neck ropes. As the members inspect them they try to keep still. Jacey is moved off to the side and Alice is given some music to dance to. With her neck still tied up to the ring above her she does her best to strip. Her sexy body sways with the music as she exposes herself for the viewing pleasure of our members. She even does a standing split that completely leaves nothing to the imagination.

Once she down to her stockings she is given markers to draw on herself. The viewers give her suggestions of what to write on her. "Little slut", "Dead Bitch", "Princess", "Insert here", "Punch Me", "For Rent", "Proud Slut", "Cunt", "Property of OT", her favorite "White Trash", and many more. Once everyone has put their mark on her she looks so good.
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