Kept Kel Part 2
Kel Bowie infernalrestraints 2018-04-13 19.99 credits Buy Movie
Six months in a cage has done wonders for Kel's figure. A careful regimen of food and exercise has her looking great. It's time to continue her playtime. OT pulls her out and gets to work. The stand she's on is brutal. It arches her back and keeps her on the arches of her feet. It really puts her physique to the test. It's not long before she's sweating.

The fun part of the frame she's in is the ability for it to be adjusted. OT moves the foot pedestal up and puts Kel into a tight squatting crunch that she can barely maintain before she crashes. Next she's on her back in a ball hanging by her knees. Her ass protrudes obscenely through the bars. It's just the right moment for the dragon tongue to lick her tender bits.

Kel wanted to be played with and OT delivers. By the time he's done with her backside it resembles a Rorschach inkblot. He's also made her nipples more sensitive than her whipped clit.
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