Whimpering Willow
Willow Hayes OT hardtied 2014-07-02 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Willow Hayes looks like the pretty, girl-next-door type that you would find yourself staring at in a boring lecture at the university. Long, thin legs, a skinny waist and small, firm tits all inspire a series of sexually depraved thoughts. As you would sit there, day dreaming about all the dirty things you would do to her, given the chance, have you ever wondered what goes through her head? Would you believe it is having all of those same dirty and degrading things done to her?

When Willow is dreaming about getting off she is dreaming about getting taken down. She wants to be tied in the rough embrace of rope. She'll get plenty of that from OT. When he has her suspended in the air you can literally see her pussy dripping wetness. When he has her tied on the floor her eyes show that sexy combination of fear and anticipation.

But when we talked to her she told us something else, that she loves corporal punishment. It's a convenient coincidence, because there isn't much that OT loves more than inflicting a bit of painful pleasure on a beautiful young girl. He flogs her tits, canes her ass, whips her back, and she loves every second of it. She loves it so much that when he slides the metal dildo inside of her and starts vibrating her clit she has multiple explosive orgasms before she even knows what is happening to her. The come on so fast that she can't hold them back.

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