Savannah Fox Jack Hammer hardtied 2016-03-23 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Squirters are a dime a dozen in this industry, but finding one who is as epic as Savannah Fox is a lot harder. She isn't just cumming and pushing out a bit of splash. When Savannah blows it is like a geyser, soaking her, whoever she is with, and everything around her. It's like a Las Vegas fountain of sexual energy, and honestly it's glorious to behold.

She isn't on a hair trigger, though, it takes a bit of work to get her going and a skilled handler to keep her deep in subspace so that the over stimulation can do its job of sending multiple incredible orgasms through her body. Jack Hammer has more than enough skill. He also has the tools of his well stocked dungeon at hand. Mr. Pogo alone is enough to pop her cork, but add in the celebrator and the hitachi and she is flooding our dungeon. Her eyes are rolling back into her head and she is barely able to hold her head up after the constant orgasmic onslaught but Jack wants her to clean her mess and she isn't off the hook until she has licked it all up.
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