Spank Spank
Abigail Dupree sensualpain 2017-04-09 9.99 credits Buy Movie
Another Master is in charge of slave abigail today. She is in for quite a workout in discipline. This Master wants her to give him hundreds of spanks. Slave abigail loves a thorough spanking and it is straight to business giving herself spank after spank, counting away. Anytime she messes up the count or doesn't please This sadistic Master properly, she is to start over. This slave owner knows what he wants and he wants her to serve to the letter. Join her in this workout, and eye popping deep throat session. Them spanks with the leather slapper are hard and cruel, you can believe that her entire body feel this the next day.

Ass Smacking, Slave Task, Self Spanking, Leather Strap, Self Inflicted, Painful, Red Ass, Masochist, Good Girl, Master Directed, Need to obey, Submissive, Sex Slave, Rent a Slave, 200 Spanks
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