Chatter Bitch Part 1
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Man, Bonnie Day can be one obnoxious ass bitch around the office. She's constantly getting in the way of everyone else getting their work done. Well, OT needs his business running like a well oiled machine, and if she is going to get in the way of that then she is going to have to be taught a lesson in proper office performance.

Here at Intersec we have a... unique view on how to punish our employees. We don't like to just fire people if we know there is a way they can be reformed. Sometimes they just need a little bit of incentive to behave themselves properly.

In this case the punishment is corporal and it comes along with some intense heavy metal bondage. It's the only way we can be sure that she's going to learn not to bother the rest of the staff when they are working. We need to be able to depend on her to do what she is told, nothing more and certainly nothing less. And if that means taking a few days out of her work week to bring her down to the dungeon and show her what the price of disobedience is, then OT is more than happy to do it. If Bonnie doesn't like it she's free to quit. You know... as soon as we unlock her.
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