Tough Love Part 2
Love comes in many forms, but for my money (and Nikki's orgasms) the best love is tough love. I don't mean the kind of tough love where you send your slave to bed without dinner. I'm talking about the kind of affection where every touch is just the precursor to some form of training or discipline. Rain DeGrey straps on a huge dildo to teach Nikki how to deep throat a dick better. Abigail Dupree eventually takes over that duty while Rain gets to work fucking Nikki's brains out. Nikki would probably be screaming out her orgasms if our cruel members had decided to let her have one. She can earn their permission, but it is going to take some begging. And once she has finished she knows there is no way in hell it means that we are.

We still want to see the electrical interrogation. We ask her probing questions about her life, her past, and anything else that comes to mind. Displeasing answers are punished with painful shocks to her tit and head. Pleasing answers are rewarded with more questions. It doesn't take her long to learn that this is a no-win scenario for her. She submits to her fate readily and settles in to tell us what we want to know.
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