Cherried Blossom Part 2
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Blossom just had the time of her life over on with London River, one of the toughest handlers on our staff. Just about any other model we could have brought on would have been balling their eyes out by the end of a full feed with London, but not Blossom. There is nothing in the world she loves more than the feeling of being beaten and humiliated and pushed to her absolute limits.

Now it's O.T.'s turn to have a crack at her. He has Blossom down on her knees, held in place by a metal collar and shackles around her ankles. Her body is completely exposed and vulnerable and O.T. is ready to take full advantage. He locks a chain through the gauges in her ears and runs it through her mouth as a gag. Then he takes his time covering her entire body in binder clips. He pins them to her eyebrows and her ears.

Next he straps her down to the floor, her arms and legs splayed out spread eagle. Then he positions the fucking machine between her legs, but instead of a dildo attached, it's a hitachi. As the fucking machine moves it vibrates her pussy just enough to let her know what she can't fully have. He tightens nipple clamps onto her tits and ties them up to the floor by her shoulders. She squirms and sighs and yearns for the release she just can't have. And then it's back to the pain.
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