Karnival Kunt
Kay Kardia infernalrestraints 2015-01-23 19.99 credits Buy Movie
Kay Kardia isn't exactly quick on the uptake. By the time she says she isn't comfortable with what's happening she is locked down on her knees with a metal collar and has her hands cuffed behind her back. It's far too late for her to stop what O.T. has planned. She came here talking about some kind of carnival. She's about to become his new playground.

Listen carefully to the sounds that Kay makes. There is a shift in the tones of her moans and squeaks. It's subtle, certainly, but it is definitely there. One minute she is in genuine pain, feeling really humiliated, but after O.T. makes her cum, suddenly her attitude changes. She still acts like she hates what is happening, but you can tell that something is different. Her cries are a bit more breathy. Her squirming settles her into the whip instead of of away from it. She's starting to enjoy herself, even though she knows she shouldn't.
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