Weekend @ London's Part 3
London River realtimebondage 2017-03-25 18.99 credits Buy Movie
It's episode three of our five-part special taking place in London River's cozy cottage. She's been through a lot already, but anything is easier to deal with in the comfort of your own home, which is good because London is going to need a little homey comfort.

London's place is nice, but maybe it's time to get her into a little closer quarters to spend the night. Our handlers, her close friends, bind her up in belts, her legs strapped together and her arms pulled tight to the sides of her torso. Then they lie her down in a foam coffin they made special for her to fit into, a tight and comfy bed. They have cut two holes in its top. The first by her nose so she can breathe, and the second above her pussy. They stick a vibrator through the second hole and put it on a timer so that at random points in the night it will vibrate her for a minute at a time, but she's not allowed to orgasm till morning.

When she wakes up London takes care of a few things: brushes her teeth, puts on some makeup, dresses herself up in stockings and garters. Her friends then take her and sit her down on a narrow beam and tie off her breasts in a tight harness. After a moment it feels like the beam is trying to split her pelvis in half, driving up into her bones. It's time London got a new label, so O.T. takes care of that, stapling names for her all over her body. It's hard to pick a favorite through all of the stinging.
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