Audition 2
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Angelica gets down and dirty at the Insex farm.

Lead out to the barn, the British beauty is bound to a wooden beam with rope pulled tight around her neck. Kneeling against the hard, filthy floor, she languishes and moans desperately. PD hangs one leg from the beam then beats the helpless captive with a bundle of rope.

Standing with wrists bound to the beam, she tugs blindly at her bondage. A canvas hood compounds her fear and forces her to breathe deeply. Once the hood is removed, a tube is pushed into her open mouth. PD heightens her discomfort, running a rope through her crotch, tying her legs spread, and securing a noose around her neck. Leaning against the beam balanced on tiptoes with back arched, angelica suffers beautifully.

For her next ordeal she is shackled and suspended in the gibbet, its unforgiving metal clinging to her curves, its thick dildo pushed deep into her cunt. PD bothers her with a long, thin branch then leaves her hanging alone on the mountaintop.

The terror mounts as night approaches. PD returns with two torches and teases his victim's sensitive skin with the roaring flames. He lowers her over a fierce fire and roasts her for a while before walking away once again. Pleading pathetically, angelica is left in the dark to be eaten by insects and chilled in the cool night air.

Hiking through the woods in torturously tall high heels, she is dragged to her next location. A cowbell dangles from the spreader between her knees, jingling as she awkwardly trudges forth.

Hogtied in a shed, she wriggles uncomfortably against a wooden bench. Seated close, PD torments her and plays with her pussy.

With arms stretched overhead, legs held open, and a noose yanking mercilessly at the neck, angelica makes the perfect target. PD flings mud, sullying her pearly, smooth skin. Whining and writhing miserably, she can do nothing to avoid the onslaught.
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