London's Anniversary
D. Arclyte London River topgrl 2017-04-04 14.99 credits Buy Movie
It’s been two years since London first started working with Insex and OT has decided she deserves an Anniversary gift. He ordered flowers for her and when the delivery guy, D. Arclyte arrives OT decides that he’d make a good addition to London’s anniversary gift.

OT and Matt leave D. Arclyte bound in the studio for London to find. She first punishes D. Arclyte for delivering her flowers that have clearly seen better days. She then uses chopsticks and castration bands to contort his cock in ways a cock was never meant to be.

London then decides that she wants to play a little rougher with her new toy. She has him in stocks with his cock and balls tied to the floor. He is made to stand on sharp bottle caps that she presses his feet down harder onto just to hear him grown a bit louder. She continues hurting him with whipping and punching until she is starting to feel satisfied, but she hasn’t finished with him yet.

London knows from experience how fun a fucking machine in the ass can be, but she decides to change things up and hook D.’s head to the end of the machine. Traditionally at Insex this is the method used to make a blowjob machine but London decides to fit him with a special gag that turns D.’s face into the perfect fucking machine. She uses his face to get her off and leaves him drenched in her squirt.
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