OT Plays With Dolls
Dolly Mattel hardtied 2018-04-04 16.99 credits Buy Movie
There's nothing wrong with a grown man who plays with dolls. OT is certainly secure enough in his masculinity to do so. Dolly Mattel is a pretty little princess adult doll. She's so lifelike. She makes real girl sounds and real girl movements. She even has real girl reactions when her princess parts are touched.

OT has always been rough with his toys and Dolly is no different. Dolly's dress is ripped to reveal her white cotton panties. At first OT tests his Dolly. He wants to see what sounds she makes and what reactions she has. He plays with her accessories; putting the cock gag in her mouth. Then suspending her with rope.

He teases her pussy till she's having real girl orgasms. He canes her and inserts her dildo while she's masked and suspended. He swings her back and forth on the huge dick. Dolly has more real girl orgasms as she screams in ecstasy.
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