Skylar's The Limit
Skylar Snow hardtied 2018-05-02 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Skylar Snow came to OT to get tied up and with Skylar the sky's the limit. She's got a body that OT just can't help but get his hands on. He's happy to oblige her request and tie her up tight. Her gorgeous blue eyes look on as OT wraps her with rope after rope. It's not long before Skylar's panties come off and find their way into her mouth. OT wraps her head with layers of tape.

Skylar's bright pink dress is torn away to reveal giant tits. OT is definitely going to have to tie those up. First he puts her in a hogtie by her hair. He pulls the rope up to the ring above her. She's not arched enough so he keeps tightening it until she's in such a strict back bend she can barely breathe. When the vibrator hits her clit she lets loose a torrent of squirt.

Finally OT ties up her huge tits. Once they are nice and purple he puts some nice tight nipple clamps on her nips. Finally he attaches her toes to her nipple clamps so that she's pushed down which tightens her neck rope. The slight breath play tightens her sensation when OT brings the vibrator back and again she squirts all over the table.
bright pink dress     giant tits     gorgeous blue eye     hair     huge tits     layer of tape     neck rope     nipples clamp     ot tie     ring     rope     skylar     skylar snow     slight breath play     strict back bend     table     tight nipples clamp     torrent of squirt     vibrator     
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