Timid Tits
Audrey Noir infernalrestraints 2015-05-08 19.99 credits Buy Movie
If variety is the spice of life it is definitely the best of bondage. Who wants to see the same old positions and the same old girls? We've got Audrey Noir. She's a hot piece of ass that we found practically begging for an intense BDSM experience.

That means we can't just put her into a simple hog tie and call it a day. We need to have something special for her. We need to have her upside down in a chair tie, so that her ass and pussy are in the air, taking a whipping, caning, or whatever else we come up with. We strap her down with her legs wipe open, shove a thick, black dildo inside of her, and whip her clit until her screams cover up the sound of the whip against her skin.

We violate her holes, twist her into elaborate bondage, treat her like a piece of meat, and Audrey loves every second of it, just like a good bondage slut should.
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