Trial by Fire
Cici Rhodes realtimebondage 2013-07-27 18.99 credits Buy Movie
Cici Rhodes is about to experience the most intense BDSM of her life. Tied down, the first thing we do is take some BBQ skewers to her. They make effective little canes in addition to being sharp, little pokers.

It takes a special kind of girl to withstand Icy-Hot on her most sensitive places. In addition to the incredibly intense sensation there is a psychological element to it. Once it has been slathered on the effects are going to run their course, one way or another. An air hose makes the reaction kick into high gear.

A spike board isn't much better, when it comes to pain and suffering. Actually, it's probably much worse. Cici isn't heavy but with her entire weight focused on a few pin points she is quickly brought to tears.
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