InsexLive 2
Endza Adair infernalrestraints 2016-07-08 19.99 credits Buy Movie
Endza Adair had a booming business running a show from the comfort of her home on her computer. A while back, though, that business went south when a few over-eager customers showed up at her front door and took from her what she had been showing them on her feed. It was her mistake, she shouldn't have been teasing them so much. Now Endza has made her second mistake: she's made a private visit to one of her long-time viewers' homes. She should have already learned not to be so trusting.

Endza is in for a real surprise when she finds out that her favorite customer "DaddySadist" is in fact a Dommina who has hired a few men to use Endza for her entertainment. Now she's going to be gagged, handcuffed, and tormented by a group of strangers, and one man she has only seen once outside of her worst nightmares when he came into her home with his friends and took what he wanted from her.
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