La Cucaracha Part 1
Rain DeGrey realtimebondage 2014-12-06 18.99 credits Buy Movie
Rain DeGrey is one sick little girl. She confesses to us all of the things she would do to a person if she could be sure they would bounce back and there would be no consequences. If nothing else it gives us and our members a few good ideas for what we should do to her doing this live feed.

Live shows are all about growing and changing. That's a lie. Live shows are all about taking a hot, willing young woman and putting her through the most intense experiences we can muster. In Rain's case it means playing with her fears a bit. She loves a good bit of corporal punishment but when we start messing with her mind suddenly she is so much less excited to be with us.

We'll get to the fun stuff in a minute. With a pain slut as eager as Rain we can't pass up the opportunity to give her exactly what she wants.
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