Luna LaVey hardtied 2017-08-30 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Luna LaVey has all the right curves. Even the ones on the top of her head. She's got all the markings of being a seriously hardcore chick in a body that is sexy as hell. The rope just seems to snuggle her tender flesh. She seems to bliss out as OT slaps her face. She moans sweetly as he plays with her cunt.

OT exposes her gorgeous body. He ties her arms and legs out in different directions. Like a spider's meal he winds the ropes around her. Each tie is more and more intense. Like the spider OT toys with his capture. He reveals her true beauty.

Once the web is spun OT stings her. The cane makes lovely little lines across her body. Then he reveals his true purpose. He gives her orgasms unlike anything she's ever felt before. As she flies through the air she melts into herself.
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