Emma 2 Part 2
Emma Emma Haize realtimebondage 2014-08-02 18.99 credits Buy Movie
Where we left off, Emma, now called Thing One was on her knees, hooded with latex, and suffering sweetly for our members' enjoyment. Her tits were pulled down, her nipples stretched out, the clamps that hold her are merciless devices. Deep indents crease her tits from where the little implements of torment had held on, a sure sign that if we hadn't decided to be nice they would probably have never pulled free. They're a kindness compared to what is coming.

It's rope bondage for Emma next. It's ideal because it holds her body firmly in place without covering anything we have designated as a target for corporal punishment. Her ass is going to get hit so hard that it will literally start quivering from the impact. Cane marks are going to crisscross her tits in bright, red stripes. The rope running through her pussy grinds her clit raw as the blows make her shimmy and shake in her bondage. And that, too, is a kindness compared to what is coming.

Electricity is the monster that all women fear. That is why we're so fond of it here at RealTimeBondage.com. We have a special way with power that sends any but the most hardcore masochists running for the hills. Today we've even got a special treat for Emma. Instead of us controlling the power, we're going to let her do it. It's the ultimate mind fuck, because she knows that if she isn't hurting herself to our satisfaction we are going to have to come in and show her what happens when our kindness runs out.
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