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She struggles to free herself when he drags her into his barn. When she sees the dark wet hole he's got for her she freaks out. She begs, pleads, and fights to be set free. In the dark hole she's left to imagine what will become of her.

It takes a while but she finally notices that the water beneath her is rising steadily. That's when fear turns to terror and her efforts to escape intensify. He's done this before and there's no chance.

He's definitely interested in hurting her and he does plenty of that, but what he's really interested in is turning her sexual arousal against her. With an intense vibrator directly on her sensitive pumped up clit she is not going to enjoy a single second of orgasm.
barn     chance     clit     dark hole     dark wet hole     effort     fear     intense vibrator     intensify     plenty     second of orgasm     sexual arousal     single second     terror     water     
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