A Moth Drawn To The Flame
Cora Moth hardtied 2019-02-13 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Like a moth drawn to a flame Cora Moth is drawn to the world of bondage. With her lithe flexible body she's a perfect fit. Even before the first time is finished she's already pulling herself up into a suspension. She swings and flips through the air all on her own.

Hogties are a bit of a staple when it comes to bondage. They are done over and over again at INSEX, on other sites, as well as in people's homes. But hogties are not created equal. The one Cora is put into is extreme and it just keeps getting more intense.

Flexible is barely fitting for Cora. She's a former contortionist. Her body can bend in ways that boggle the mind. She folds up into a neat little package that can be suspended and swung around like nothing.
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