Here To Suffer
Of pain and sorrow you could wish only one thing - Hope it will stop!

A short viewing of the continued suffering of this flaxen merchants filly, for she has excepted her incarceration a "three months chokey" of servitude into sex slavery to pay off her fathers gambling debt.

A father stews in his own misery as his daughter continues her suffering under painful persecution for his insolvency. The tyranny of the petitioners were very cruel and stern on a father to repay his insolvency by vouchsafing his daughter into bonded labor.

The merchants gambling debt would have to be paid in full or he would be thrown in prison... That is if he did not have a daughter to give up to the establishment for he was a ward of the constabulary and those he was indebted to.

His daughter is serving the needs of the constabulary quite nicely as of this time, which will reward the merchant nicely.

BDSM, Device Bondage, Galley Whipped, Groping, Steel Collar, Metal Stocks, White Panties, Pain, Suffering, Incarceration Fantasy, Dungeon, Slave, Bonded Labor, Dungeon Master, Cruel, Blonde, White Dress, Medieval, Prison Life, Female, Incarceration, Prisoner, Spreader Bar, Debt Prison Fantasy
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