Prisoner 84621
Kate Kenzi infernalrestraints 2018-01-12 19.99 credits Buy Movie
In the world that Kate Kenzi was born into prisons are overcrowded and underfunded. The chief warden has been given the task of making the prison system profitable for the greedy elite. Kate is just another prisoner caught up in a much bigger machine. She was found guilty of prostitution based on very little evidence.

Without her knowledge or consent she was transferred to a penal facility wherein she would face some of the harshest treatment imaginable. At the INSEX production studio Kate became the subject of SadoMasochistic Pornography. The cruel prison guard took everything from her. Her fear, her pain, her sex, and her dignity.

As it was explained to her during her physical examination she was given something to enhance her sensations. Everything feels more intense. The pain is more painful. The pleasure is more pleasurable. As her first production draws to a close it sets in that she was given a life sentence.
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