Hillbilly Love
Sasha Heart Jack Hammer hardtied 2015-11-11 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Sasha Heart is out from Kentucky and looking for a little bit of California love. She's been doing this for a while but she hasn't had much experience with bondage. She has some ideas about what she likes, like being tied up and submitting to a strong man, is very appealing to her. She has spent some time dominating others, but deep down inside she has been longing for what she has coming to her now.

Submission isn't easy. She's not used to being so exposed and vulnerable. Jack Hammer doesn't even take the time to strip her naked before he starts playing with her. He flips that sexy skirt of hers up and starts fucking with her wet pussy. She's clearly been anticipating this for a while, because she is ready to go and he has barely laid a hand on her.

The hogtie on the floor is hot, but the suspensions are definitely better. She starts on her feet, goes to the air, is taken to the floor, and flies again. Every step of the way Jack shows Sasha exactly how amazing it can feel to be the one submitting. She is super-orgasmic, always on edge and ready to explode, so whenever he hits her clit with the hitachi she immediately has an earth shattering release. And as soon as the waves of ecstasy have subsided and she gets her bearings back she is right back on edge and ready for another one.
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