Candy Caned Part 1
What did Delirious Hunter want for the holidays? Lots of bondage, maybe a suspension, and of course, a ton of orgasms. But those things really add up to her one big wish, some wonderful marks to show off in public when she is done with this encounter. She brought us presents, too. It's clear she is angling for an epic beating today.

Not everything we do is going to leave a mark but it's all going to be fun. We're going to ask her a few questions, loosen her up as always, but it'll be pretty quick that we switch to bondage and just straight up fucking with the girl. She has some pretty sensitive feet. We'll see how well she can answer the questions while Rain DeGrey is taking her teeth to them.

Over time we'll reveal more of our canvas and show you exactly what we're working with today. We don't like to unwrap our gifts too quickly or people may think we're too eager. We're going to savor this girl, and you should, too.
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