Harsh Discipline Pussy Whipping
Pussy whipping is the ultimate sadistic act. Whipping a slaves pussy is an art that is more than different, most will never understand. Until you whip a pussy first hand, see the reactions and hear the musical tones in the screams and cry's... Wow, what a rush! I wish the torture never stops.
Other than knowing how to throw different types of whips, there is other prep work involved of course;
The primary purpose for restraints is to keep the subject in a position that best suites the session to come. In addition, the restraints used for this pussy whipping session needs to be just right for the slave because the the intensity of the whipping is the primary purpose of the torment, not burning them out on overwhelming bondage restraints will prove a longer, more delightful session.
Discipline is important to keep the slave under your control and needs to be enforced regularly without special considerations.
Again, most will never understand this and that is okay.

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