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Bonnie Day is sitting in the dark on a cold, metal grate. It's terrible. It's awful. Her ass hurts from the grating. Her jaw hurts from the metal gag in her mouth. Her wrists and ankles hurt from the heavy shackles that are holding them, and the chains that hang from those. It's uncomfortable. It's painful. It's her life.

OT is a kind of collector. He brings these women to his dungeon and he calls them his Pain Dolls. He confines them, undresses them, and abuses them. Some guys would probably just take a hot piece of ass like Bonnie over to the mattress and fuck her brains out. OT isn't interested in that. She may learn to like it too much. No, instead he's going to try to train her to like something that isn't nearly as nice as a hard cock between her legs. Today Bonnie is going to learn to love the whip. While it leaves long, red stripes across her ass, Bonnie is struggling and screaming to get away. She had better learn to moan like a whore and wiggle like she likes it, though, if she ever wants him to stop.
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